Match 3D


Match box colors to clear the stage!

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Boxoku! 99
Battle Royale

"Join Online" to play against the world.

Up to 99 opponents at a time.

Compete in online games to increase your level.

Improve your level to raise your "World Rank".

Shot Clock

Fire a box before the “Shot Clock” reaches zero or lose a life (1-Down) and the current box.

Boxoku! Combo

Match box colors to add towards a “Boxoku! Combo”

Complete a “Boxoku! Combo” for a bonus!

Chain multiple “Boxoku! Combo” for a 1-up.

If the Combo timer runs out the “Box Tree” gets closer!

Fire Box

Tap to fire a box at the “Box Tree”.

Displays current box color.

Box Queue

Displays the next box colors in the queue.

Box Garbage

Displays the how much garbage is waiting for you.

Reset Camera

Find your aim drifting? Tap “Reset Camera”.

Box Tree

Spin the “Box Tree” by firing boxes.

Collide with the “Box Tree” and lose a life (1-Down).


Send your box garbage to attackers, random or manually select.

Lives | ···

Start with 3 lives.

Lose a life (1-Down) when the “Shot Clock” reaches zero or you collide with the “Box Tree”.

Add a life (1-Up) by chaining “Boxoku! Combo” and completing stages.

Box Sight

Use the “Box Sight” to aim.